Perfect surfaces in all possible degrees of gloss from a batch size of 1

The chrome look represents the alternative to the galvanic chromium plating of objects for presentation purposes.


Using a special procedure, we produce surfaces in a chrome look for prototypes, models, design/room objects and artworks etc.


•  Can be used on all paintable materials (plastics, wood (under certain conditions), metals, …)
•  Coating also possible only in partial areas or in combination with other paints
•  Colouration and degree of gloss acc. specifications
•  Sealing and optimum UV resistance through special clear lacquer coating
•  Corrections to components possible at short notice during the entire process
•  Low layer thickness facilitates the representation of fine structures and lettering

Areas of application

•  Core area: Object for presentation processes
•  Wide range of applications in the field of prototyping, model building
•  New possibilities in product design
•  Fast and flexible production: coordination takes up very little time
•  Cost savings through new possibilities in the material selection

A flawless appearance
Perfect chrome look surfaces for prototypes, room objects and artworks


Laser sinter parts, chrome optics coated

PC mouse, ABS parts, chrome optics silver/blue

Modellbau Milde, “Erreger”, plastic part, chrome optics coating

Glass bottle, chrome optics coating

Photo model, chrome optics gold

Model: Arndt von Hoff
Photo by: Thomas Hannich

Award, Studio Babelsberg, chrome optics coating, coloured

Maquet model, chrome optics, soft-touch coating black

Letterings, acrylic glass, lasered, chrome optics coating

Torso – cast, chrome optics gold

Oak wood, chrome optics coating

Luigi Colani, bonnet mascot, chrome optics gold

Motor cover, ABS, chrome optics gold

Toothbrush model, chrome optics coating

Headlamps model, chrome optics coating

Wempe, deco rings, chrome optics gold

ABS part, chrome optics coating

Luigi Colani, model, chrome optics gold/silver

Luigi Colani, epoxy – cast, chrome optics gold/silver

Leather shoes, solidifies, chrome optics coating

BMW-World Munich, PVC parts, chrome optics coating

BMW-World Munich, PVC parts, chrome optics coating

Handle, ABS part, chrome optics coating

Reflector, necuron part, chrome optics coating

Letterings, plexiglass, chrome optics coating

3D print, chrome optics coating

Glasses, chrome optics, coloured

Art project, Eckhart Hahn, chrome optics coating

Laser sinter part, chrome optics gold

Wolfgang Troschke, shoe, solidifies, chrome optics coating

Horns, chrome optics, crystal effect silver

Coating: chrome optics gold / silver
Cybex GmbH, pig by Marcel Wanders

Vacuum cast parts, chrome optics caoting, gold/brown, sealed matt/glossy

Award, chrome optics coating gold, black painted

Coating: chrome optics gold / silver
Cybex GmbH, pig by Marcel Wanders

Coatings: Chrome optics gold

Model “Beer Case”


Coating: chrome optics gold

Coating: chrome optics gold

gym80, rowing machine 2018, Photo by: Ian Siepmann-Braun

Coating: Chrome optics gold

Deco bottles XXL

Coating: Chrome optics gold

Model “Beer Case”

Coating: Chrome optics gold/silver

Lengersdorf, Award “The Masked Singer” 2019

Coating: Chrome optics black, lacquering black matt

Penther, Mannequin, 2019

Coating: Chrome optics, sealed with clear coat
Wormland, Shop window decoration, Acrylic glass